Whey is used in bakery

Send Date : 17/08/1394

The use of whey in the bakery this part of the most important parts of using non-fat dry milk or the milk.
The most common form of this type of fat dry milk products. Evaporated milk is used in making the dough more favorable type of coupling is not sprayed. But due to the high prices formula, it gradually replaced with whey powder. So that today in the United States, more than half of primary compounds used in bakery whey powder form. The results of the use of whey in the bakery industry published many reports and all bread is an expression of organoleptic properties.
In some cases 30-15% by weight of flour and liquid whey is added. Amino acids such as methionine transfer, tryptophan and lysine by whey that contains a small amount of acid to flour mixture increases the biological value. It is reported that by adding 2 percent whey by weight of flour, 10% of the essential amino acids are added. Use 5/85 percent whey with 5.6% of dry matter in the formulation of the test, compared to 1.1% protein and lysine increases to 48 percent. There lactose also plays a role in healing the condition that the amount of the 5 / 2-5 / 1% of the dry matter does not exceed. The use of whey to increase the amount of phosphorus and calcium and potassium as well. In some formulations, calcium is increased 60% compared to control.
Lactose whey improves the surface color is bread, so we can reduce the cooking time. With the addition of whey liquid at a rate of 10% by weight of flour, the best surface color appears. Improve dough properties, including its volume but low elasticity of the dough. Also, with the addition of 20-10% water by weight of flour cheese production efficiency increases. There whey bread will increase property maintenance. There lactose and nitrogen compounds causing the browning phenomenon. These substances have antioxidant properties and bread fat oxidation and thus preserve the natural resistance of bread sensitive compounds against corruption is high.
The best amount of whey lot of experience and has been shown that the addition of whey to 2% of the most favorable results brought. This increase in volume at a rate of 9% is whey. Whey powder composition was as follows:
15-13 percent protein, 71-63 percent lactose, fatty substance 6 / 5-3 / 4%, salt and 8-6 / 6% associated with these compounds there is a significant amount of trace elements and vitamins.
Adding whey flour in 1 to 5 percent improved amino acid composition and minerals bread. Lactose enhances cohesion and avoid the stale bread quickly it.
Whenever the bread containing 4% whey and the whey is replaced by milk, water holding capacity slightly reduced. As a result, compared with bread made with milk fat volume reduction can be seen. Flour before mixing whey and whey must tolerate the thermal processes intact.
Due to lack of regular whey protein and lactose has been trying its richness in terms of whey protein and vitamin modify extra. The purpose of fermentation by yeasts Rhodotorula Glvtynys whey and Tryshv Sprvn Kvtanvm been achieved. Whey contains 30 to 25 grams per liter of yeast dry matter, taking into account a 5.2% protein and all the amino acids in significant quantities is capable such as carotene and B vitamins. The dough will rise 15-10 percent, 3.1 percent porosity increases and significantly improved sensory properties. Due to the high nutritional value of amino acids and calcium, phosphorus and other things mixed with whey and soy protein have been made. That blend replaced fat milk powder is sent. The formula contains 16 to 25 percent soy protein and 84-75% of sweet whey is provided. Other formulas than 50 percent whey and 50% of soybeans have experienced.